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Empowering Families

Family Chiropractic Care

Supporting families journey in health is one of the most important parts of what we do at Rooted Family Wellness.  Removing interference to the nervous system allows for each individual to express innate intelligence in order to live life at their highest potential.  This vitalistic approach to health does not focus on the symptoms, pain, but rather on function and the cause of dis-ease. We are bombarded with so many stressors everyday.  These stressors include not only the physical (falls, accidents, prolonged sitting, poor posture) but also emotional (conflicts, financial, work stress) and chemical (pollution, medications, preservatives in food).  When we aren’t able to process all of these stressors your body sends you warning signs, like pain or discomfort, to send you a message that your brain isn’t able to communicate with the rest of your body properly. Chiropractic supports your bodies natural ability to adapt to stressors in your life and express true health from day one of life on in order to thrive.  Rooted Family Wellness invites every person regardless of age, gender or status to experience chiropractic. 


Keeping in mind a vitalistic approach to health, chiropractic does not “treat” conditions or symptoms.  However, chiropractic has been shown to support your bodies ability to adapt and provide the following benefits:


-Improved sleep

-Reduction in low back pain

-Improved posture

-Decrease in headaches

-A better functioning immune system

-Ability to adapt to stress and anxiety

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