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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Raising healthy children with a foundation rooted in health allows for them to grow and thrive into healthy adults.  During the first few years of life children are experiencing so much for the first time and growing at lightning speed that it’s safe to say their nervous systems, along with their musculoskeletal systems are put into overdrive.   


Children learn through touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing.  All of these require a properly functioning nervous system. Early signs that your child’s nervous system might be out of balance include:


-Chronic Ear Infection

-Irregular Sleep Patterns



-Irregular Bowel Movement



-Agitated or Fretful 

-Lack of Appetite 


While chiropractic care does not “treat” issues, it does work with the bodies innate intelligence to improve the bodies natural ability to heal and regulate itself by keeping the nervous system functioning properly.  A properly functioning nervous system allows for the brain to send the correct message to other systems ( for example the digestive, cardiac, and respiratory systems) from them to function properly. If your kiddos body is properly functioning it sets them up to thrive!  


Dr. Taylor has extensive training in pediatric chiropractic.  This allows her to assess your child’s nervous system and determine areas of spinal misalignment.  Having your child regularly checked by a chiropractor ensures that he or she properly functioning neuro-spinal system.  

Growing Strong Roots in Health

blurred-background-boy-child-1416736 (1)

Growing Strong Roots in Health

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